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The NVR in monitoring the application of innovation

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The NVR in monitoring the application of innovation
The NVR in monitoring the application of innovation

Open to the HD front end supporting more comprehensive.

Finally, the people no longer argue NVR status, or flow, is the right way to contribute to the NVR career. Finally, the network HD is no longer so far away, but active in various unusual applications in various amiable gesture.

NVR originated in network video, video surveillance applications, to replace the traditional techniques to bring better networking experience. In recent years, with the rapidly growing popularity of the network, the user image clarity increasing a variety of image processing technology improvement and cost reduction, NVR, and IP camera products have been the rapid development of HD monitoring system built inevitable election.

Designed NVR inherit the advantages of the DVR system, as is easy to deploy, simple to use, reliable storage, can be self-contained system can also be used as sub-unit. While taking advantage of new technology advantage, abandoned traditional DVR applications limitations, the integration of a variety of new technology, many new applications that can be tapped.

Open to the HD front end supporting more comprehensive
Benefited from the the standardized network monitoring process, between now the NVR, IPCam and the application of the system with the same language, longer an image silos, but with the trend of the division of industrial cooperation. While mainstream manufacturers in the industry a more comprehensive product line, but in terms of standardization, everyone seemed more open. Currently ONVIF, PSIA, and the GB28181 is typical, it can be said that the standardization of network monitoring to further universal guarantee.

HD IP camera in recent years, the rapid development of high-definition video to give people a whole new world, and its adaptability and the People First price environment, giving the feeling to Brief Encounter, so just a few years time, made surprising progress, HD IP camera application can not be separated the NVR, both picked up the pace. The era of power in SD, NVR also do not see a particular advantage to the high-definition era, really there is a trend of myself can do.

NVR able to fly, the network is the take-off platform standardization and HD are its two wings.

Reliable storage allows users to remove the worries
Between the the NVR storage characteristics between DVR and professional network storage devices, both the advantages of both. Such as inheritance the the DVR application of simple and convenient, and has a professional storage reliability. To support ordinary hard disks, reduce the cost of the use of, and support for a simple and effective application mode can significantly extend the life of the hard disk. Optional general support for various RAID levels, to provide highly reliable storage solutions so important video data will not be lost because of damage to the hard disk.


Furthermore, in recent years, ANR technology in NVR and IPCam in to be implemented effectively avoid network transmission failure may trigger. NVR device-level reliability can be achieved by means of the network, in practical applications, how the NVR-built system, you can use the N +1 technology, When a station NVR failure, under the jurisdiction of the monitoring resources spare equipment to undertake the same time the user is prompted to troubleshoot the maximum extent possible to ensure the reliability of the system as a whole.

The flexible networking as network monitoring infrastructure
Flexible networking making it the network monitoring infrastructure construction
NVR help of the network, you can build a more flexible system can go beyond the traditional drill progressively deployed mode, reduce intermediate links, monitoring business fast direct access between the image source and the user, no intermediate conversion link, more efficient application investment of resources is also more economical. For example, based on the NVR network surveillance system to build, deploy video wall, simply the TV wall decoding equipment connected to the network, and image resources required ---- real-time image and video playback, as long as the authorized point-to-point direct access to, and does not require matrix intermediate links. Better reflect this advantage in building a large-scale application systems, which could explain the current monitoring system network construction.


On the other hand, NVR, and under the jurisdiction of the IPCam constitutes perfect but the structure is relatively simple system, up through the management control interface to accept from the upper platform of unified scheduling, thus ensuring that the basis of video and other important business nearby system-level business through superior platform to complete an orderly division of labor, the complexity of the system is broken down, and robustness can be improved.

NVR as a product of the Internet age, its mission will be far beyond alternative DVR to become the next generation of video surveillance equipment With the continuous emergence of new technologies and customer´s individual needs, NVR is a powerful business integration lateral tension .
Fusion and intelligent video more valuable


Intelligent monitoring is no longer a new topic, but the past never now come true. Intelligent will not smoke and mirrors, because of the high-definition, HD, so smart do not need to be placed in the arena of deliberately lending a new shoot.

The NVR also by means of smart technology to make the application more efficient. Such as: 1) Intelligent Search, had become extremely tedious time-consuming inspection video easily and instantly pop up the events of interest, without concern for whom nothing to do with the time period of the video; 2) Intelligent video quality testing, NVR intelligent functions: warning area can regularly detect connected camera image conditions, such as shade the lens focus blur condition, find and notify the user; 3) NVR and IPC combination of, can achieve real-time alarm, protection items, crowd and brawl detection; 4) NVR can also achieve some practical business situations, such as statistics on the number of tracks drawn face recognition. The depth of data mining, so the video becomes could talk.

Mobile networks

Wireless applications are increasingly widespread. NVR through wireless access IPCam via wireless for phone or tablet to watch real-time video, or video, and even allows the phone to act as a network camera, interesting applications flexible.

NVR with intelligent bandwidth adaptation the design collaborative adjust the bit rate of the video stream automatically according to network conditions, whether it is 2G or 3G, or Wifi, could try to provide a sufficiently clear and smooth video.
Car specific applications have special requirements, requiring multi-channel wireless technology requires standard adaptive super seismic capacity. Some well-designed The NVR also emerged, with transmission through wireless steady stream of high-definition video, and can also be car-centric deployment of hotspots, video recording and management back-end services to mobile systems operating near to the traditional automotive systems to different applications.


Build a service-oriented system in conjunction with the cloud

Depth of fusion and enterprise applications business

After in-depth market application analysis, we found that the NVR to play an increasingly important role in enterprise applications, security monitoring equipment from the most basic to start carrying more application to become an important tool for enterprise visualization management, such as the production line on-site management, supply chain management, warehousing and logistics management scenarios, it brings true image recording and information integration can not be compared to other management tools. Especially in the corporate chain branches, NVR is deployed in every branch structure, information synergy with headquarters, although every thousand miles like eyes, ready to conduct on-site management. May also be offered, such as traffic analysis, customer preferences analysis and reference information, and more efficient than witnessed. At the same time NVR intuitive as the entrance of the headquarters management, in addition to providing images and information aspects of the two-way voice intercom can also be expanded into a two-way video communication applications, corporate training and feedback, instructions issued and check channels obtained at no additional cost, and it can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise management operations.

The conductor needs of image-based scheduling in some large and medium-sized enterprises is also pressing its headquarters and branches are generally deployed video conferencing systems, this time of need at any time seamless access to branches image data for evaluated analysis NVR is higher, to be able to interoperability with video conferencing systems generally use standard H.323 or sip agreement to build, for NVR is concerned, these natural not difficult.
Build a service-oriented system in conjunction with the cloud

Popularize the concept of cloud computing in the field of security monitoring, but on the actual effect of the existing network monitoring system is actually a cloud system, but small-scale point, part of the private cloud areas. NVR can be used as the basis of particles in the clouds, is a charge of the core of the region, to the upper system resources while also enjoying the service.
Have enough resources to open in a new generation of NVR, is no longer a one-way flow of the business unit in the traditional sense, can be allocated resources, many NVR formed combinations can be used as a huge resource pool, as basic services, but also into the virtual platform services.

Traditional practices such as cloud storage monitoring system is not realistic, but intelligent cloud technology is an important landing point landing in the monitoring. NVR can be transported to the upper cloud intelligent analysis of the results, the cloud is easy to obtain accurate and useful information, on the other hand, the cloud can provide global intelligence services, to integrate interoperability information also can realize the sharing of computing resources.

NVR new technologies and new business models to promote the development of diversification, NVR inner will also become increasingly diverse, the ability to integrate more and more, is inversely proportional to the number of buttons on the panel of this equipment. Simple home button like iphone redefine the mobile phone is so much better used to feature phone surprised, but at the same time, the system provides rich content and a great experience amazing. Similarly, the emergence of NVR redefine video recorders, no longer confined to people around the device, take out your iphone to take a look at what is happening in the company, and then transferred to a video, even if you are abroad.


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